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star parties

Educational Star parties

Star Parties provide a great opportunity to meet other people that share your interest in astronomy, and to view the planets, moon, stars, and other celestial sights through telescopes and binoculars of all sizes.

Typically two BAS Star Parties (starting at sunset, weather permitting) are held each month around the new moon at Dedication Point Dark Sky Site. For dates and directions check out our calendar web page. 

Regular Public Star Parties are announced in our newsletter. They include:

  • The Idaho Star Party at Bruneau Dunes State Park.
  • Star Parties with Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation.
And, of course, we are always prepared to arrange a star party around a spectacular astronomical event anytime during the year.  Other groups are welcome to schedule an astronomy program or a star party.

Since inception, education of the members and the public has been the main thrust of our organization. We also promote awareness and preservation of the environment, and offer opportunities for amateurs to participate in astronomy research. 

Throughout the year we hold school star parties and astronomy programs to get children interested in the wonders of the sky. These are coordinated through our Educational Liaison.

To be informed of these events please view the forum groups pertaining to the event. Instructions on how to get to the party will be provided there. The forum  is also how most of the members communicate to each other for impromptu star parties, questions. and interesting discussions.

Call Us:  +1 (208) 340-9418

P.O. Box 7002
Boise, ID 83707

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