Club Events

The club calendar can be found here.

The board meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 3rd, at Louies Italian Restuarant at 7:00.

The membership meeting will be on Friday the 12 of January at Anser Charter School in Garden City at 7:00pm. This meeting is open to everyone. This months meeting is "So I got a new telescope for Christmas. Now What?" If you just got a new telescope or have had one for a while that you want some help or explanation on how to use it. BAS members will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Sky Watcher

The club news letter is now available for download. SkyWatcher2018.1.pdf


Want to volunteer out at the Bruneau Dunes Observatory? Don't know what do do or what it requires? Open or download the Volunteering pdf to learn more.

Observing Program

BAS is sponsoring an observing program, the Deep Sky 101. For more information, or to get started check out the program page here.

President's Letter

Happy New Year everyone! Last year went out with the amazing Geminids and this year begins with a super moon and the Quadrantid meteor shower. This shower normally has a very strong, if brief, peak but will be compromised by that bright moon. These provide beautiful celestial shows for welcoming in the New Year.

The first board meeting will be on Wednesday the 3rd at Louie’s Italian Pizza and Restaurant in Meridian, ID. We will be the planning for 2018 and have the major star parties planned.

Another event worth celebrating is not about bright objects but quite the opposite: the nation’s first dark sky reserve was officially opened in December. The Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve covers 3600 square kilometers (1400 square miles), stretches from Ketchum to Stanley and includes land in three counties plus the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. It is the first such reserve in the U.S. and one of only 12 in the world. It is the third largest such reserve, exceeded only by ones in Canada and New Zealand. Hopefully we can schedule a star party in the new reserve this year.

Looking further into this month, our January 12th meeting is our annual telescope clinic, “I got a new telescope for Christmas, Now What?!?” For anyone with questions about their scopes. The fliers are out and a posting to BAS1 and facebook have already announced this event. We may have a large turnout this year and because of the social media use with the club everyone’s help to this program successful is welcome. All members are encouraged to attend and help out even if it is for a short while. This event will be at Anser Charter School in Garden City. Please encourage any friends who might have received a telescope for Christmas, or simply have questions about getting one, to attend.

Tentatively, we may have a star party on the 20th depending on interest of the membership and the weather. We will meet at Dedication Point. Please dress warmly if you are attending as it can become brutally cold after the Sun sets.

Finally on the 31st (a Wednesday) there is a Total Lunar Eclipse This is the only eclipse of any kind (lunar or solar) visible in Idaho this year, the next being another total lunar eclipse in January of 2019. See page 8 for more information.

Until next month; be safe, get outside, and enjoy your universe.
David Olsen, President
Boise Astronomical Society

SOHO EIT 304 Latest Image (click image for larger view)

Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.
The SOHO project home page can be found here.