Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse Safety

There is a partial solar eclipse that will be visible in the Boise area on Aug. 21st, 2017. Please read and understand the information provided on theses websites before attempting ANY solar viewing. Boise Astronomical Society does NOT endorse ANY solar viewing method. Please take care of your eyes so you can see this and other astronomical events.


Here's a pdf with locations as well as a map of the path of the solar eclipse. Eclipse Inquiary Response (2 Mb)
NASA-Eye Safety During Solar Eclipses
A-How-To Guide for Viewing Eclipses
Across America
Eclipse Slides
NASA Downloadables
NASA Eclipse 2017
Eclipse Hunter
Boise State Physics Department
Solar Eclipse path map
Eclipse Tips

SOHO EIT 304 Latest Image (click image for larger view)

Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.
The SOHO project home page can be found here.